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The JAL Card-holders’ magazine, home-delivered to over 930,000 top executives monthly.

[Number of copies published] Approx. 937,4491
JAL Global Membership, JAL Card CLUB-A Card, CLUB-A Gold Card, JAL Diners Card, Platinum member, First-class passengers on international JAL flights
[Reading rate (members)] 91.3%2
[Circulation rate among non-members 47.2%2
“AGORA” is enjoyed by more readers than the number of copies issued, when the families of members are included.

1. Nippon ABC Association Average for July to December 2019
2. March 2014 JAL Card Senior Member Survey

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AGORA Readers Profile

Malesaccount for approx. 80% and they are mainly the head of the household.
Centering on middle-aged persons, the average age is 54.6.

About half of households have an annual income of 10 million yen or more and the average household income is 13.07 million yen.
Centering on Tokyo, readers from the Kanto region account for approx. 60%.
About half of readers have a position of head of department or higher.
Amount spent per person is extremely high, and shows the amount of their purchasing power.

1.2012 AGORA Reader Survey
2.CLUB-A Card, CLUB-A Gold Card, JAL Diners Card, Platinum member
3.Calculated shopping amount (card handling amount ÷ number of members) per person regarding members of four main card companies for September 2016 issue of Monthly Consumer Credit’s “Fiscal 2015 credit card transaction volume ranking”

Media Overview

Booking deadline: 60 days prior to publication
Submission deadline: around 25 days prior to publication

Form of publication 7 times a year (published on the 27th of the previous month)
*AGORA will be published every other month from July, 2020.
Distribution method Delivered to the homes of senior members, provided in-flight for first-class passengers, provided in airport lounges (some)
Dimensions H 280 mm × W 210 mm, thermally activated binding, all-color (four-color offset printing)

Advertising rates

Space Listing fee
(In yen excluding tax)
H×W (mm)
Back Cover ¥2,300,000 280×194
Inside Front Cover DPS ¥3,200,000 280×420
2nd DPS after IFC DPS ¥3,100,000 280×420
FP, Facing Content ¥1,700,000 280×210
Inside Back Cover ¥1,500,000 280×210
Full Page (FP) ¥1,500,000 280×210
DPS ¥2,900,000 280×420

*Bundled service is not available.

Points to note regarding advertising and promotion

  • For all media avertising, we will perform examination of your company (advertiser), the product and the expression used (ad content).
  • We may be unable to accept advertisements from organizations that compete with the business operations of the JAL Group and its affiliates (also includes information from organizations other than JAL Group airlines).
  • JAL media is media that communicates as part of the airline’s customer service. Therefore, we may not be able to accept any content or visual images that could cause a sense of anxiety or discomfort to our customers or put them at a disadvantage.
  • Advertising media and services carried out in restricted areas and in aircraft at an airport must comply with a variety of terms and conditions based on the Airport Law and Aviation Law. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • Please contact us for details of restrictions on industries we can handle advertising for, products, and expressions used. In addition, please contact us at the production stage to inquire about the contents of the original document.
  • The first and last dates on which the each media is placed in-flight may change slightly due to the state of preparation ofaircraft.
  • We may be unable to implement the media service due to unavoidable reasons such as bad weather or force majeure. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • We cannot provide a discount in the event of suspended service or a reduction in the number of scheduled flights.
  • In principle, you cannot cancel your application once you have submitted it. A cancellation charge will apply in the unlikely event that an application is canceled. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Points to note regarding advertising and promotion

Inquiries Applications

  • Americas (Eastern / Western US & Hawaii Islands)
    [NYC / Eastern US] World Media, Inc. / TEL: 1 212 244 5610 /
    [HNL] PacRim Marketing Group Inc. / TEL: 1 808 949 4592 /
    [HNL] Lighthouse Hawaii / TEL: 1 808 926 0022 /
  • Europe (Europe)
    [LON] IMM International, UK Brand / TEL: 44 203 585 1300 /
    [PAR] Inflight Media Marketing France / TEL: 33 1 4013 7901 /
    [GVA] Inflight Media Marketing, AG / TEL: 41 22 310 80 51 /
    [ITA] Inflight Media Marketing International SARL / TEL: 39 02 46712521 /
  • Asia (excluding Japan)
    [SEL] First Media Service Corp. / TEL: 82 2 363 3591
    [TPE] TOP TAIWAN MEDIA FACTORY / TEL: 886 2 2371 1838 /
    [SHA] NewBase Rui Shi(Shanghai)Advertising Co., Ltd. / TEL: 86 21 6141 3871 /
    [SHA] Jalux Shanghai Co., Ltd. / TEL: 86 21 34060663 /
    [HKG] IMM Asia HK Ltd. / TEL: 852 2639 3635 /
    [BKK] NewBase Thailand Ltd. / TEL: 66 2 252 3970-3 /
    [BKK] JPP Thailand Ltd. / TEL: 66 02 051 4694
    [SIN] NewBase Content Pte. Ltd. / TEL: 65 6735 8681 /
    [SIN] Spafax Airline Network Pte. Ltd. / TEL: 65 6531 2682 /
    [IDN] Jet Set Media / TEL: 65 8189 4783
    [BOM] Mediascope Representation India LLP / TEL: 91 22 68468500 /

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